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I Heart Moths

Yesterday evening I stepped outside the store for a smoke and saw a very unusual green moth on the window sill. I was intrigued enough that it was green. The only green moths I've seen had gossamer wings, and these wings were of the velvety variety, on a plump, fuzzy green moth.

When I took a closer look I saw two perfectly shaped hearts, one on each wing. They were Valentine-style hearts, dark green around the edges (darker than the wings), fading to a lighter green toward the center. One heart right in the middle of each wing. 

Both Dave and Mitchell took pictures of it. I attempted to upload Dave's picture, which he posted on his facebook, but am sorry to report it was a fail.

Green moth with green hearts on its wings. Stunning. Never saw anything like it before. I'm going to see if I can find info online.

found: Pacific Green Sphinx. None of the images I found show heart shapes as distinct and perfect as on the moth I saw, though.

Writer's Block: Breaking the habit

What's your most debilitating insecurity? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

That I am too old to persue a new (more lucrative) career.

I'm working on this insecurity, but I'm not very hopeful yet.

Writer's Block: As primitive as can be

If you were stranded on an island and could pick one thing to have with you, what would it be, and why?

That red Staples office supply panic button. At the very least I could channel plenty of writing paper and Scripto pens. Preferably fine-point.

...There arose such a clatter

So last Wednesday I'm lounging on the couch, it was about 3am, and I hear this thundering boom followed by a clatter. I guessed mom had fallen and taken something heavy with her, like the bureau mirror or something. She was asleep when I checked on her. The room was in order. I checked the kitchen and bathroom, all okay. Could I have drifted off for a moment and been dreaming? Pretty vivid flash-dream, but I couldn't find anything unusual anywhere, so I went back to the couch.

About 2 hours later I was sleepy enough to go to bed, so I go to my room and find two pictures have fallen off the wall behind my bed and my pillow covered with an odd powdery substance. The whole top portion of the bed is powdered, and the carpeting beneath the window, my dresser, the window sill, my shoes. This powder had a grainy feel and smelled of chemicals. I inspected the ceiling and walls for obvious cracks or ....something. I checked my bedroom window, which I keep open about 2 inches during the cold months. The screen was locked.

I got a flashlight, put on a jacket and my boots, and went outside to investigate. Walking down the side of the house toward my bedroom window, I find a trail of that powder. It thickens as I get closer to my window. I shine the light on the side of the house, the adjoining lot, the backyard; nothing unusual. I lower my flashlight and, lying on the ground just beneath my window, I see a large fire extinguisher. And the only footprints in the chemical dust were mine.

It was the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Certainly the most mysterious....

From a distance, someone chucked a fully loaded, set-to-spray fire extinguisher at my house? And it sprayed right in through 2 inches of open window? What in the hell? Volunteer 3am fireman? I didn't even have a candle burning.

Thankful for Tuesdays

We all had a great Thanksgiving.

Kit & Julie, Amanada, Bryce, Kirk, and Ariel came up from Orangevale. Julie brought a couple of pies; carmel apple (Gammy loved) and pumpkin; and Kit brought a dozen roses (MoM loved). They enjoy any excuse to dress up, and Tuesday T-Day was no exception, so I had a houseful of handsomeness.

Kris made it. Yay! She brought me a beautiful wedding photo album. It looks like a coffee-table book, and the photos aren't mounted, they are printed on the pages. This is great because I was unsuccessful at downloading the wedding photos from Snapfish. I plan to give that another try so I can put them on a stick and then onto my digital picture frame, but the book is forever, so I'm thrilled to have it.

Dr D & Wife came too. I don't think they realized how quickly and completely Kit's family could fill a room....they seemed a bit overwhelmed by that. They didn't visit much, ate apart from us, and left early. Wife wasn't feeling well, though, so that was probably part of the reason. It was a good out, anyway.

Food was good. Alice helped with the cooking. The turkey was a little dry, but that was my bad. I didn't know you should cut the cooking time about in half when you use a roasting bag. It was in the oven an hour too long before I checked out that bit of info. The ham was about perfect. I smothered it in a maple glaze this year. The yams were slightly underdone but very tasty. My wild-rice, mango and cranberry salad wasn't very popular, but the cabbage, broccoli and raisin salad did well. Mashed potatoes and gravy - devoured.

Main thing is, we had a great time. Deven called and talked to everyone. Kris said it was miraculous service wasn't interrupted that whole time. Deven and I have spoken on the phone twice now, and the conversations are short, with intermittent dead air, as if we're not sure what to say to each other. Odd for a mother and soldier son, I suppose, but a) I am not a phone-person. Not good on the phone. Never have been. And b) I think Deven's aware I'm a bit of a namby-pamby about what's going on over there where it relates to him and his safety. I heard his voice and it was normal; most excellent.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

A Good Day!!!

I picked up my granddaughter Alice who's going to spend Thanksgiving week here. And as if that wasn't fantastic enough, I got a phone call from Deven on Sunday!

Our T-day Dinner will be tomorrow, as I have to work on Thursday. Hoping Kris can make it, Kit and his family plus Bryce will come. I expect Dr D and his wife also. Alice and I will bake a ham and a turkey as well. So, looking forward to another great day.

Gonna be a great week, actually.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What the doctor ordered

Despite a whole bullet list of negative shit I could be moaning about,

  • Some nut-job drain-on-society went off on me at work last night
  • Can’t hear anything but Nancy Grace when I’m home
  • Owe the IRS, still or again, I’m not sure
  • Owe the Franchise Tax Board
  • Car payment check returned NSF, twice
  • My back is killing me
  • I’m 80 miles from the nearest Love

I’m going to try to remain positive today. I need a good day, and this one’s perfect. It’s Memorial Day, I’m off work and the weather is so fine.

I’ve planned a barbeque. Got the wings and thighs, leafy greens, melon and berries and a cherry pie. Loving the organic foods market.

Dr and Mrs D will bring the grill-b-q and the Doc will do the honors. He does a killer sauce. Expecting them at around 4pm.

So, if nobody falls or belly-aches or decides they have the flu or an aneurysm, we’ll have us some Dr D’s Buffalo Wings this evening.

A Question

Until recently I could access my LJ from a link in my toolbar and was already logged-in. Now I have to log-in every time. I've either done something to my computer that deletes LJ cookies after every visit, or there's something new here. 

Do you guys have to log-in every time?

Ummm.....my cat, Misty?

I'm going to have to change Misty's name.... to Mister.

We were on the couch watching "40 Year Old Virgin" and she started licking her penis.

Need Brandy

It's looking like Touka is pregnant.

About a month ago she came into heat for the first time. We were like, Awwww....our little girl is becoming a young lady. About 2 weeks ago, mom accidently let her out of the house. She was only gone 10 minutes, at most, mom says.

Touka is now past estrus, but her dog boobies are enlarged and her tummy is firm and she weighs a fucking ton. It could be the cereal milk and ice cream mom gives her, but I think it's just as likely some 3-minute horn-dog got to her.


I hope it was the Jack Russell. I think he has money. :P