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Apocolypse and various Cliffs avoided. >`whew`<

I resolve to meet men and not marry any of them.

HaPpy NeW yEaR ALL!

A t-shirt walked into Ray's

...that read:
Joss Whedon

is my master now

I said to the guy wearing it, "I like your t-shirt."

He seemed surprised. 

"You know who Joss Whedon is?"

"I've got two sons in their 30's. The identity of Joss Whedon is pretty much a requirement....it's the kind of thing that gets me cards on Mother's Day."

"Damn! You've got sons in their 30's?! I mean, I was surprised you know Whedon 'cuz you live in Paradise."

"Oh. Well, I don't want the giant ego, but thank you."

Happy Easter

Kit wrote the following inside 3yr-old Kirk's Easter card....

Dear Son,

The Easter Bunny was scheduled to deliver eggs to us this morning, but for some strange reason he hid them in the yard.

Please go and retrieve them for us at once.

Rest assured, Mr Bunny will hear of my displeasure with his delivery services.

Yours in gratitude,


The Good. The Bad.

Kit got a job!!

It's not what he wanted; retail management; but he is down to the bottom of his checking account, so rather than wait until mid-April for an upper management position at Walmart, he asked for an associate position. He'll work the night-shift in the warehouse/loading dock, which is where he started with Walmart about 12 years ago. This also means he won't be eligible for a management position for a year or so. He's going to have to make it on about $10/hr until then, plus whatever Julie earns once employed.

The lady who's house they've been staying in found a renter. Kit and kith will move back in with mom and I around the 11th of April. I'm going to basically give them the livingroom. Gammy will be the only one who will be vocal about the inconvenience, primarily because she will get less time in front of the livingroom TV, which she swears has better picture than the same-sized set in her room. I plan to hang a curtain across the hallway so she can make her emergency pants-less bathroom runs. I'll re-arrange her room, too....move her TV closer to the bed, which will aim the speakers to the outside walls, a bonus for the rest of us.

I'm supposing Kit and family will be able to move into their own place by summertime. I won't charge him for utilities and I'll buy most the food since Julie will be doing the cooking, including for mom. This will help them save for a move. I like having them around, but mom will complain to me and that's hard to take. Also I have to be careful about where and when I smoke, but the weather will be nice now, so that won't be a real big deal.

We'll all take the bad with the good. In light of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands who've been unemployed for well over a year and lost everything, I'm just really happy Kit is going to get back on his feet and the collateral damage seems minimal.

Writer's Block: School days

Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

No. Nor do I think schools should teach any sort of human behavior or political correctness (or politics in general aside from how the system was built and how it works). If a child grows up ignorant of these matters I think parents, not schools and taxpayers, should bear full responsibility.

Stormy Weather

The storm we expected last night petered out before it got over the Ridge. Small branches laying all over the place, black-outs and brown-outs here and there around town but no loss of service in our neck of the woods. UTS (utility tree service) is outside trimming limbs from around our power lines. Shouldn't they have been dispatched prior to a predicted storm? I'll give the town credit for having some smarts and assume that they know something I don't. Makes the noise more tolerable.

Woke up thinking of Deven and Kris cruising the Carribean. Mediterranian? No matter....Yay for them! My only honeymoon was with hubby #1; a weekend at a Utah truck stop. Hubby #2 may have taken me somewhere, I don't remember. A truck stop in Utah sticks with you.

Jeez, I hope the honeymooners are enjoying decent weather.

Kit and Julie are still at the house across the street, having no luck in their job search. Well, they've had some positive interviews, but no one's actually hiring until April. Kit's accustomed to immediate hires. Fortunately he paid ahead on his car and everything else is current.

The handyman gave me a bathtub from the house he demolished in the neighboring lot. It's not a vintage one, but it's pretty cool looking. He put it in front of my (raised) front deck. I planted irises and a giant mum in it. The irises I planted along the fence and across the driveway last fall are popping up real nice. Expecting a decent showing this spring and fall, and better yet next year.

How I spent my 2 days off this week

A storm caused a tree to fall @ 4am Monday at the Foster St. end of our block. The tree fell onto electric lines, taking out 2 poles, blacking out the neighborhood and snapping the lines from a transformer in front of the house where Kit's staying, near the Skyway end of our block, with an incredible thundering, crackling explosion. I was up watching TV, which blacked out of course, and jumped up to check mom, then looked out the front window. I could see fire flickering across the street. The electric meter and circuit box on Kit's place blew, causing a fire just outside his son's bedroom. I ran over in time to see Kit extinguish the fire with a Super-Gulp cup full of water. A passing police unit advised him and his family to evacuate. I helped him get the kids and some stuff over to my place. We all spent two days here with no electricity, no phone, no TV, no internet. (Stove and hot water are gas, thank goodness.)

Electricity was restored Tuesday night, cable Wednesday morning. Kit's back at "home", but has no gas due to pre-existing outside gas leaks discovered by firemen. PG&E will have him back on gas tomorrow.

Another storm is expected tonight and it's been raining almost non-stop for a week. And here's the thing; Paradise has a high underground water table, so the trees don't have to send their roots very far down into the earth to find a water source. So even though the trees are lush, strong and healthy, they fall over left and right all over town when the ground is saturated and the winds are high....like now.

Hero's Welcome

The scene at the airport was a lot different for Deven's arrival from Aghanistan as compared to his return from Iraq.  One guess is that it's been the setting for so many soldier's welcomes over the past 10 years, it's just not as novel and exciting as it used to be. Still, nearly every stranger in the area stopped to watch and smile.

I rode down with Kit, his lady Julie, and my two youngest grandchildren. We stopped in YC to pick up Connor and had to wait in his mother's front yard until they got back from the store. Nerve-racking. Connor jumped out of his mom's van and we ran to each other for hugs. He looked up at me, big smile on his his handsome freckled face, and said, "You've changed a lot!"

I do look different since last time he saw me. I've let my hair go gray and recently had it cut in a pixie (real short). He's changed, too, I told him. Tall, slim, so handsome with all his baby-ness gone. It was great I got to sit in the back with him; we talked about school and sports and stuff.

During the seemingly forever wait for Deven to come down, Connor was the only person who couldn't be distracted from keeping his eyes on the arrivals ramp, except when his big brother poked and teased him, which he loved. Even when Bryan stepped over to say Hello and get hugs, Connor watched for his father's tan boots and desert fatigue pants, anxiously shifting his weight, contorting his fingers, wringing his hands.

When he saw Deven, a huge smile crossed his face and he lurched forward. When he seemed momentarily unsure I gave him the nod; "Go ahead, Connor. Go!"; and he took off running. Deven's eyes were on Kris until Connor was within feet of him. A moment later, Connor had jumped into his arms. Everyone, even Bryce and Kris, hung back and let Deven and Connor have a few minutes.

And, of course, it's a mother's job to let others go first....and her privilege to witness the love others have for her son. 


Going to greet Deven at Sac airport tomorrow morning.

Totally stoked


It's been spring here since the start of February. Today it's snowing!

There's about an inch or so on the ground. Pretty substantial for this area of Paradise, which is in a dip. It was coming down thick when I got up at 9:30 (had a 12 hour day yesterday and went to bed early; 2am) and it's still falling, but I expect it will rain soon.

So cool, because Alice and Amanda are up until Sunday. They got a whole week off school for what used to be called Presidents Day, and before that a day that commemorated President Lincoln's birthday followed closely by President Washington's birthday. I guess now it's Presidents Week; commemorating presidents in general, good or bad. Maybe even foreign and domestic.

Anyway. Snow. Yippee!